Keller Professional Services

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Website Currently Under Construction.

We are pleased to announce that Keller Professional Services is launching our new and improved website. Stay Tuned for our new brand.

About US

Keller Professional Services, Inc. (KPS) is a Management Consulting Firm that endeavors to provide management solutions that enhance business performance, improve productivity, and ensure customer satisfaction through Workforce Development and Research & Evaluation.

Our Services

Workforce Development

Our focus in Workforce Development is to bridge the gap between educational systems and public assistance agencies to meet the needs of growing workforce demands. Our expertise lies in designing and implementing training programs that lead to employment and career development through skill enhancement, career life strategies, and time saving assistance in providing staffing solutions. We are purposed to inspire and influence economic development through empowerment of our workforce clients who are transitioning from under-employment, public assistance, foster care, and the public school system.

Research & Evaluation

Through our expertise in Research & Evaluation, we provide Management Support in studies and surveys to aid in organizational development and the decision-making process. Our work in Research and Evaluation requires not only management ability, political dexterity and sensitivity to multiple stakeholders throughout the process; it involves expertise in Management and Leadership, Administrative Management, Data and Technology, Citizen Engagement, Economic Development, and Service Delivery.

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210 E. Lexington Street
Suite 400

Phone: 410.625.8835
Fax: 410.988.3155
Mail: info[at]kellerproservices[com]